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Leon rp

A burden that weighs heavily on him. The family of Neli originally comes from Tyrosh, there they owned numerous properties, but all was lost after the catastrophic raid of their entire merchant fleet.

Their family wealth gone, and their enemies closing in on them from all direction Jorario Neli fled the city with the last money he had managed to collect. The ship carried him to Lannisport there he would start selling Tyroshi goods, acquired through various means. After some time in Lannisport Jorario would meet Alyssa, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, and they soon married.

Leon RolePlay

Not long after they would have their first children. Being born into a wealthy merchant family Leon was given the opportunity to become anything he wanted. While his father had hoped of a knight who could represent the family at noble gatherings, his hopes were quickly crushed.

Instead of attending his lessons, he could instead be found pouring over books in the library. Specifically looking for anything medical. At the age of 10, Leon was sent to the Citadel.

Leon RolePlay

There he would remain for the next three years. He forged four chains in his time there, silver, medicine, and healing; bronze, astronomy; copper, history; and Valyrian steel, magic.

Returning home he was welcomed with the cold shoulder of his family. He would stay there for a year before leaving with his possessions, never to return. Understanding that a fourteen-year-old boy could not possibly survive out in the wild alone he found a sept not far outside Lannisport.

He would study there for two years before finally leaving in at the age of sixteen. Последняя цена. Подобрать аналог.

Аналогичные товары. Расходные материалы. Гарантия и ремонт. Параметры упакованного товара Единица товара: Штука Вес, кг: 0, Указанная информация не является публичной офертой. На данный момент для этого товара нет расходных материалов.

Обсуждения Добавить комментарий. Сервис от ВсеИнструменты. Вернем вам деньги, если данный товар вышел из строя в течение 6 месяцев с момента покупки. Обратиться по обмену, возврату или сдать инструмент в ремонт вы можете в любом магазине или ПВЗ ВсеИнструменты.

Цена: р.

[Leon RP] Русский Dark RP

Хомуты 2. Цена: 84 р. Цена: 99 р. Все расходные материалы. Мы получили ваш отзыв и опубликуем его через 2 - 3 дня, если он пройдет модерацию. Что можно улучшить на этой странице? Ваш запрос принят.